Book Chapters Are UP!

I have finished uploading all of the Regimental History of the First New York Dragoons chapters. I have put a table of contents at the top of each page that links to the original headings. I am thinking of adding headers to some of the posts to make browsing the pages more Internet-friendly, which the original author would have never conceived when he wrote his book. I have buttons at the bottom of the pages that link to the previous and next pages.

I appreciate the theme I have chosen, but some of you have indicated that the menu bar does not show on mobile devices. I find this to be true. At the moment, I am not going to change the theme, but keep I do understand that it is not ideal not to have that feature fully functional. Let me kick this around a bit and get back to you. There is so much transcription yet to do that I think I will ask for forgiveness for this navigation feature not working for a while.

That’s it for now.

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