As an avid researcher passionate about history and the Civil War, I have dedicated nearly 30 years to uncovering the story of Alfred Gibbs and the First New York Dragoons. I have been asked why I bother with a previously unknown general and a little-known unit. Still, the answer is simple: the pursuit of knowledge and a desire to contribute to the historical record.

I have been sharing my findings about General Gibbs and the Dragoons online to preserve the legacy of less well-known historical figures. While the traffic to this site may not be significant, my love for history drives me to continue my research and share it with others.

History is not just a collection of facts and dates but a narrative of how and why things happened. My research into General Gibbs and the Dragoons provides a unique perspective on the Civil War and offers future researchers the opportunity to uncover new insights and information.

I take pride in sharing my research with you and ensuring that the contributions of these figures are not lost on time. On this website, I share the documents I have uncovered that capture their words and actions, offering a deeper understanding of the context and events that shaped the larger narrative of history.

This work is a labor of love for me, allowing me to better understand my ancestors and hone my research skills. Despite my day job and family obligations, I am committed to moving my research from paper to digital and updating the site as new information becomes available.

I welcome any researchers interested in collaborating on this project to reach out to me. Check back regularly as I will be adding new content as time permits and new research demands an update.

“Semper Paratus” Garland H. Green, Jr.

PS: Dad, I’m on it!

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