DATABASE The Aztec Club of 1847

Initial RankNameFinal RankNotes
Maj.John J. AbercrombieBrigadier GeneralOriginal Member USA
Cpt.Thomas L. AlexanderLt. ColonelOriginal Member USA
Cpt.Robert AllenBrigadier GeneralOriginal Member USA
1st Lt.Samuel S. AndersonColonelOriginal Member CSA
1st Lt.Benjamin H. ArthurCaptainOriginal Member USA
Cpt.Electus BackusColonelOriginal Member USA
Maj.Henry BainbridgeLt. ColonelOriginal Member USA
Cpt.John G. BarnardBrigadier GeneralOriginal Member USA
Cpt.Moses J. BarnardMajorOriginal Member USA
1st Lt.Jenks BeamanOriginal Member USA
1st Lt.P.G.T. BeauregardGeneralCSA
2nd Lt.Barnard E. BeeBrigadier GeneralCSA
Lt. Col.Francis S. BeltonColonelOriginal Member USA
Cpt.Charles John BiddleColonelOriginal Member USA
1st Lt.William B. BlairMajorCSA
Cpt.George A.H. BlakeColonelUSA
Cpt.James D. BlandingColonelCSA
Cpt.William BlandingUSA
Col.Milledge L. BonhamBrigadier GeneralCSA
1st Lt.Andrew W. BowmanLt. ColonelOriginal Member USA
1st Lt.John M. BrannanBrigadier GeneralOriginal Member USA
Cpt.Horace BrooksBrigadier GeneralOriginal Member USA
1st Lt.William T.H. BrooksMajor GeneralOriginal Member USA
Cpt.Robert C. BuchananColonelOriginal Member USA
Brig. Gen.George CadwaladerMajor GeneralOriginal Member USA
Cpt.Albemarle CadyColonelOriginal Member USA
Maj.George CaldwellBrevet Lieutenant ColonelOriginal Member USA
1st Lt.Robert C. CaldwellUSMCOriginal Member USA
1st Lt.George W. CarrColonelOriginal Member CSA
1st Lt.Daniel T. ChandlerLt. ColonelOriginal Member CSA
Maj.Philip St. George CookeBrigadier GeneralOriginal Member USA
1st Lt.William H. FrenchMajor GeneralOriginal Member USA
Cpt.Richard C. GatlinBrigadier GeneralOriginal Member CSA
2nd Lt.Alfred GibbsBrigadier GeneralOriginal Member USA
1st Lt.Ulysses S. GrantGeneralOriginal Member USA
2nd Lt.Schuyler HamiltonBrigadier GeneralOriginal Member USA
Col.William S. HarneyBrigadier GeneralOriginal Member USA
Cpt.Joseph HookerMajor GeneralOriginal Member USA
Cpt.Joseph E. JohnstonGeneralOriginal Member CSA
Cpt.Philip KearnyMajor GeneralOriginal Member USA
Maj.Edmund Kirby – Brevet ColonelOriginal Member USA
Cpt.Robert E. LeeGeneralOriginal Member CSA
Cpt.John B. MagruderMajor GeneralOriginal Member CSA
2nd Lt.George B. McClellanMajor GeneralOriginal Member USA
Cpt.Justus McKinstryBrigadier GeneralOriginal Member USA
Maj.John MunroeLt. ColonelOriginal Member USA
1st Lt.John C. PembertonLieutenant GeneralOriginal Member CSA
Brig. Gen.Franklin PiercePresident of the United States
Maj.William H. PolkU.S. Representative and brother of President James K. Polk
1st Lt.Fitz John PorterMajor GeneralOriginal Member USA
Maj. Gen.John A. QuitmanOriginal Member USA
2nd Lt.Jesse L. RenoMajor GeneralOriginal Member USA
Cpt.Charles F. SmithMajor GeneralOriginal Member USA
Col.Persifor F. SmithBrigadier GeneralOriginal Member USA
2nd Lt.Gustavus W. SmithMajor GeneralOriginal Member CSA
2nd Lt.Charles Pomeroy StoneBrigadier GeneralOriginal Member USA
1st Lt.George SykesMajor GeneralOriginal Member USA
2nd Lt.Zealous B. TowerBrigadier GeneralOriginal Member USA
Brig. Gen.David E. TwiggsMajor GeneralOriginal Member CSA
Col.William J. WorthBrevet Major GeneralOriginal Member USA
Maj.Abraham Van BurenBrevet Lieutenant ColonelSon of President Martin Van Buren
RankNameFinal Rank
Cpt.Benjamin AlvordBrigadier GeneralVeteran Member
1st Lt.Christopher C. AugurMajor GeneralVeteran Member
Midn.Oscar C. BadgerCommodoreVeteran Member USN
2nd Lt.Simon B. BucknerLieutenant GeneralVeteran Member CSA
2nd Lt.John L. BroomeLt. ColonelVeteran Member USMC
2nd Lt.Henry B. ClitzLt. ColonelVeteran Member
Cpt.Silas CaseyMajor GeneralVeteran Member
2nd Lt.Darius N. CouchMajor GeneralVeteran Member
Lt. Col.Thomas L. CrittendenMajor GeneralVeteran Member
2nd Lt.Frederick T. DentBrigadier GeneralVeteran Member
2nd Lt.Richard C. DrumBrigadier GeneralVeteran Member
1st Lt.William H. EmoryMajor GeneralVeteran Member
2nd Lt.William B. FranklinMajor GeneralVeteran Member
1st Lt.Samuel G. FrenchMajor GeneralVeteran Member CSA
2nd Lt.James Barnet FryBrigadier GeneralVeteran Member
2nd Lt.George W. GettyBrigadier GeneralVeteran Member
Midn.Bancroft GherardiRear AdmiralVeteran Member USN
2nd Lt.Winfield Scott HancockMajor GeneralVeteran Member
2nd Lt.Henry HethMajor GeneralVeteran Member CSA
1st Lt.Henry J. HuntBrigadier GeneralVeteran Member
Lt.Thornton A. JenkinsRear AdmiralVeteran Member
Maj.William W. LoringMajor GeneralVeteran Member CSA
1st Lt.James LongstreetLieutenant GeneralVeteran Member CSA
Midn.Stephen LuceRear AdmiralVeteran Member USN
2nd Lt.Charles G. McCawleyColonelVeteran Member USMC
2nd Lt.Joseph H. PotterBrigadier GeneralVeteran Member
Cpt.Henry PrinceBrigadier GeneralVeteran Member
Midn.Alexander C. RhindRear AdmiralVeteran Member
2nd Lt.Gustavus De RussyBrigadier GeneralVeteran Member
1st Lt.William T. ShermanGeneralVeteran Member
2nd Lt.Egbert L. VieleBrigadier GeneralVeteran Member
2nd Lt.Thomas J. WoodMajor GeneralVeteran Member
Brig. Gen.Joshua H. BatesHereditary Member
CivilianHenry L. P. BeckwithHereditary Member
Maj.Charles J. BiddleHereditary Member
R. Adm.Norman J. BlackwoodHereditary Member
CivilianJustice Milledge Lipscomb BonhamHereditary Member
Lt. Gen.James Carson BreckinridgeHereditary Member USMC
R. Adm.Silas Casey IIIHereditary Member
2nd Lt.Loyall FarragutHereditary Member Son of Admiral David Farragut
CivilianAlfred W. GibbsHereditary Member Son of Alfred Gibbs
Maj. Gen.Frederick D. GrantHereditary Member Son of General Ulysses S. Grant
Maj. Gen.Ulysses S. GrantIIIHereditary Member Grandson of General Ulysses S. Grant
Maj. Gen.Guy V. HenryHereditary Member
MayorGeorge B. McClellanJr.Hereditary Member Son of Major General George B. McClellan
Maj. Gen.David D. PorterHereditary Member USMC
CivilianJohn Stone StoneHereditary Member
R. Adm.Montgomery M. TaylorHereditary Member
R. Adm.Aaron WardHereditary Member
Maj. Gen.William W. WotherspoonHereditary Member

Original Members

There were a total of 160 original members of the Aztec Club, all of whom were serving in the occupation of Mexico City at the time of the Club’s founding in 1847. Over time, the club’s membership requirements were changed to extend membership to male descendants of officers who served in the Mexican War. Of the 160 original members, 72 became generals in either the United States Army or the Confederate States Army and a majority served in either the Union or Confederate armies during the American Civil War.

Among the Aztec Club’s original members were future presidents Franklin Pierce and Ulysses S. Grant as well as Robert E. Lee.

Veteran members

In 1871 Club members agreed to accept other officers who had served in Mexico during the Mexican War as Veteran Members; including officers of the United States Navy. Veteran Members were veterans of the Mexican War but were not among the 160 original members who formed the society in 1847.[2] As of 1895, 127 individuals had been admitted as Veteran Members – 49 of which were generals or admirals in United States or Confederate States service.

Hereditary members

In 1883 provisions were also made to allow male relatives of officers who had died during the Mexican War, prior to the Club’s founding, to become members. In 1887, membership was extended to the eldest son or nearest male relative of original and veteran members as hereditary members in order to keep the club alive after the deaths of the veterans.[2] Later, this rule was extended to include direct and collateral male descendants of eligible officers.