Finished Bowen’s Book Transcription

I have finished with the scanned copy of Bowen’s Regimental History, and I have edited and moved these edits to a Google Doc, which I am using as the repository for the pages on the website. 

Over the next few weeks, I will add the pages to this site. I will be adding images taken from Bowen’s original pages and inserting those into the text of the chapters of the book on the site. 

An important note: I have taken some liberty in a few edits and changed some of the wording from Bowen. I have done this in the early chapters since I found reading the text printed in 1900 cumbersome and made reading the book more difficult. However, I kept as much of the original text later in the book since I figured, hey, you were committed if you got past the first two chapters.

That’s it for now but check back soon.


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