Dragoons United – A Novel

Dragoons United

Brotherhood Beyond Circumstance

Description: “Dragoons United: Brotherhood Beyond Circumstance” is a  historical fiction that delves into the lives of Levi Davis Green, Marvin Wheeler Green, and Major General Alfred Gibbs, who served in the First New York Dragoons during the American Civil War. The narrative explores the camaraderie and unity formed between men from different backgrounds – Alfred, a man of privilege, and Marvin and Levi, farm boys from Western New York – as they joined together in the fight to keep the nation united.

The First New York Dragoons was a distinguished cavalry unit that participated in numerous battles and campaigns throughout the War. Through the eyes of Levi, Marvin, and Alfred, readers will experience the powerful bonds forged among soldiers from diverse walks of life and the impact of their collective efforts on the course of the conflict. “Dragoons United” is a must-read for anyone interested in the power of unity in the face of adversity and the human stories behind the soldiers who fought in the Civil War.

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