Uploading Levi and Marvin’s Research

I have started uploading the work I have begun on Levi and Marvin Green, both members of the 130th and the First New York Dragoons. In the link provided below, I have also added John Sterns Green, the brother of Levi and Marvin and a man who makes an appearance in the Green Family Letters. I have also added cousins Orville, Willard, and Nelson, mentioned in the letters.

We start the journey with Levi at the end. That is to say, Levi was the last of the brothers that my dad and I researched. I have photos of my father’s trip to visit Levi. This trip was one of my dad’s final trips in search of Levi’s history and last resting places. I was living in Israel then and could not make that trip with him. However, how much fun we would have had meeting Levi for the first time again.

Enjoy your exploration of Levi and Marvin. I get excited to talk to people who meet them for the first time. If you want to chat about the boys, drop me a line!

Garland H. Green, Jr.


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