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I am very excited to finally post the approximate location of the second camp of the 130th N.Y. State Volunteers while they were encamped in Suffolk, Virginia. About ten years ago, I drew, by hand, the camp’s location, but I have never been pleased with the results. 

However, over time, the technology of Google Maps and Adobe Photoshop has allowed me to better document the locations for Camp Thorp, the names of the boys’ first locations. Levi documents his stay at the camp in a letter entitled FROM LEVI D. GREEN TO MOTHER – NOVEMBER 7, 1862. 

Two things to consider as you look over these maps:

1) The original map was drawn by hand and from the view of the artist’s mind’s eye. The artist captured the approximate locations of the camps, which is of great value to researchers such as myself.

2) Taking two maps and overlaying each is an exercise in a grand compromise. Accent one map too much you wash out the other. Therefore, I have linked here the PSD file I created to make the combined graphic inserted below. I am not an expert in Photoshop, but I used whatever literacy I had to create this map. 

I am pleased to have started to put context and visuals to the text captured in both Levi’s letters and Bowen’s book.

Garland H. Green, Jr.

(Download PSD file of overlay image)

Large scan of the original map created during the time Union Soldiers were in Suffolk, VA 1862-1863 for the Seige of Suffolk. This image links to the original source file.
This map is an overlay of a snapshot I grabbed from Google Maps and the original map drawn in 1862-1863.
I believe that the 13oth N.Y. State Vols. were encamped at the present day location of the Portsmoth Water Quality and Lab in Suffolk. I have the blue area I have selected is NOT to scale, however, I wanted to retain the view of the buildings so viewers could understand where Camp Thorp was during that time.

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