Short Overview of the First New York Dragoons

The 130th New York State Volunteers, also known as the First New York Dragoons, was a unit of the Union Army during the Civil War. The unit was organized in 1861 and was composed primarily of volunteers from New York.

The 130th New York State Volunteers saw action in several key engagements during the Civil War, including the Battle of Antietam and the Battle of Fredericksburg. The unit also served in the Shenandoah Valley Campaign and took part in the Siege of Petersburg.

In addition to their combat duties, the 130th New York State Volunteers also performed a variety of other tasks, such as scouting and reconnaissance. They were known for their horsemanship and were often used as mounted infantry.

After the Civil War, the 130th New York State Volunteers were mustered out of service in 1865. However, their service and sacrifice during the war were recognized and remembered by the people of New York and the United States.



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