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  • Marry Wolcott Gibbs: Died in infancy
  • Laura Wolcott Gibbs (d’Oremieulx),   Born: 12 August 1827  Died  7 December 1902  (Age 75 years) Married Capt. Theopile D’oremieulx  and together they had two children: Leon Francisque  d’Oremieulx and Laura Henriette d’Oremieulx (Roosevelt).
  • Elizabeth Wolcott Gibbs (Tuckerman)  Born: 8 Jul 1819,  Died: August 25, 1906  (Age 86 years)

Spouse to

Father of

Brigadier-General Gibbs Died: in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.
Note of interest: Alfred Gibbs is the 4 x great grandson of Job Drake, who is the second half cousin of Elizabeth Copleston, who is the wife of John Elford. He is the cousin of Francis Croker, who is the father-in-law of Francis Fox.