Peggy Foushee Blair (Wife & Mother)

You can find a history of Peggy’s family, the Blair’s of Virginia at this link. The pages that are in that section of the website are not constructed to be an “easy read,” instead, they give a comprehensive look into the Blair family.
This is John Geddes Blair and I have completelly rebuilt this image from the linked image I found online. If you click on the photo you will see the original that I used to rebuild this photo.

Peggy Forshee Blair, the tenth child and fifth daughter of John Geddes and Sarah Ann Eyre Heron Blair; married Gen. Alfred Gibbs (U. S. Army), son of George and Laura Wolcott Gibbs, of New York City.

RESEARCHER’S NOTE: I have not been able (as of yet) to find a photo of Peggy. It is for this reason that I have chosen to put a photo of her father. I was able to find this about Peggy’s mother and father:

Sarah was the daughter of James Heron, and of Sarah Taylor Heron, who died in the Richmond Theater Fire of December 1811.

Her husband John G. Blair, whom she married 27 March 1812 in Richmond, was a War of 1812 veteran, having served as an Ensign in the Richmond Light Infantry Blues in 1814. Sarah died of “Old Age,” per Cemetery records, and is buried next to her husband.

Peggy was a woman of considerable beauty and charming, yet resolute, qualities, and spent many of her younger years in the West with her husband. Surrounded there by hostile Indians, numerous were her thrilling adventures, afterward quietly related by Mrs. Gibbs. Her little sons, Alfred and Blair Gibbs, were invited by General Custer to go with him on his famous raid, an adventure Mrs. Gibbs prudently declined for them, and so the boys escaped the tragedy of that massacre.

Dangling piece of information found here that needs further examination.

“It was while he was in Texas that he met and married Peggy Foushee Blair of Richmond, VA, the sister of a fellow officer.”

Petition by "Peggy F. Gibbs" to congress 1869 for an increase in pension. The Congressional Globe 1869-12-06 Publication date 1869-12-06
Petition to Congress from "Peggy F. Gibbs" in 1871 to congress. The Congressional Globe 1871: Appendix Publication date 1871
Executor's Notice for Peggy F. Gibbs taken from the News Leader, Number 5115, 3 April 1908 Captured on Page 11.

EXECUTOR’S NOTICE. – HAVING qualified as executor of the estate of the late Mrs. Peggy F. Gibbs, all parties having claims against the estate are requested to promptly forward accounts of such claims to my address, at Altoona, Pa., marking letters “Personal.” ALFRED W. GIBBS, Executor.

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