Significant Posting of New Documents

I have made significant headway in digitizing many of my paper-based documents. Only about ten percent of these documents are posted; there is much for those hardcore Dragoons and Gibbs researchers to read. I have the NARRATIVE OF A DOCTOR’S EXPERIENCE COMBATANT IN THE FALL OF 1860 and the NARRATIVE Surrender of a Command of U, S, Forces, FORT FILMORE [sic.] full text from McKee posted.

You have an option to read these narratives online, or you can download the scanned books as well. I have done a lot of work in the ANCESTRY section of the site. If it has been a while since you last visited, I would suggest that you see that section and read about the direct family of the General.

Finally, I am working on what I believe to be a fascinating “tidbit” regarding a lock of hair from President Abraham Lincoln and Laura Wolcott Gibbs. But I will share that in time. But it is a fascinating family story.


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