Dreams of the Brothers

Dreams of Young Green Brothers

As the sun began to set, painting the sky with hues of orange and pink, young John Sterns and his brother Levi continued their work in the fields. Despite their tender ages, they moved with a determination and purpose that belied their years. Their hands, though small, were firm and sure as they handled the farming tools, their faces set in concentration.

“John,” Levi broke the silence,  and while he was the older brother, his voice still carrying the lilt of childhood, “do you remember when we used to play ‘farmers of the year’ in the barn? We used to pretend we were in charge of the whole farm.”

John chuckled, a warm, boyish sound. “I remember, Levi. You always wanted to grow the biggest pumpkins, and I wanted the cows to produce the most milk in the state.”

“And we were going to have the best farm in all of New York,” Levi added, his young face serious.

John nodded, a spark of maturity in his eyes. “Yes, we were. And you know what, Levi? We still can. Our play might have been pretend, but the dream… the dream can be real.”

Levi’s eyes widened with excitement, “You really think so, John? Even with all the problems?”

John gave his brother a reassuring smile, ruffling his hair affectionately. “Especially with all the problems, Levi. That’s how we grow. We’ll learn, and we’ll get better. And one day, we’ll make this farm the best there is.”

Levi’s face brightened, his young heart filled with hope and determination. “We will, won’t we, John? We’ll make Father and Mother proud.”

“Yes, we will, Levi. We’re the Green brothers. There’s nothing we can’t do,” John affirmed, pulling his brother into a hug.

The two young boys continued their work in the soft glow of the setting sun, with dirt on their faces and dreams in their hearts. Their conversation was filled with laughter, shared objectives, and the promise of a bright future. As the day turned into night, they returned home, their youthful energy and hope a beacon of light for the entire Green family.

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