The Talk Under the Setting Sun

The Talk Under the Setting Sun

Erastus Green walked into the room, his eyes immediately drawn to seeing his wife and son hunched over ledgers and papers. He leaned against the doorframe, a quiet pride swelling as he watched John Sterns’ focused expression.

“John,” Erastus called out, his voice echoing softly in the room. “Why don’t you go outside and give Levi and Marvin a hand?”

John looked up, his eyes meeting his father’s, and nodded. “Alright, Father,” he said, rising from the chair and exiting the room, leaving Erastus and Zilpha alone.

Erastus moved to sit beside his wife, his gaze lingering on the door through which their son had just left. “He’s quite something, isn’t he, Zilpha?” he asked a hint of awe in his voice.

Zilpha smiled, her eyes following Erastus’s gaze. “He is. His understanding of finances is impressive. And he’s so dedicated.”

Erastus nodded. “It’s not just that. It’s the hope he carries, the hope that we can navigate these economic hurdles and keep our farm thriving.”
Zilpha’s smile wavered, and she turned to look at Erastus. “But do you think we can, Erastus? Can we keep up with the changes? The influx of cheaper products, the high tariffs, the economic hardships… Can we really do it?”

Erastus took a moment to respond, his gaze steady on Zilpha’s. “It won’t be easy, Zilpha,” he admitted. “But we’re not alone. We have John’s keen mind, Levi’s hardworking hands, and Marvin’s unwavering spirit. And we have each other. As long as we have that, I believe we can face whatever comes our way.”

Zilpha’s eyes glistened with unshed tears, her hand reaching out to grip Erastus’s. “I hope you’re right, Erastus. I hope you’re right.”
Outside, under the warm glow of the setting sun, John Sterns joined his brothers, Levi and Marvin. They moved in a rhythm that spoke of familiarity and shared labor, their conversation flowing with the same ease.

“John,” Levi began, his voice barely audible over the rustling of the wheat fields. “We’ve been talking. The farm… Do you think we can keep it going?”

John looked at his brothers, their faces etched with the same mix of hope and concern. “It’s not going to be easy,” he admitted. “But we have what it takes. We have each other, and we have this land that we love. We will find a way. We must.”

And with that, they returned to their work, the last rays of the setting sun casting long shadows across the farm – their home.

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