The Pumpkin Venture

The Pumpkin Venture

Just a few days later, Levi and John Sterns found themselves seated on the front porch, their eyes on the vast fields stretching out before them. The sun sank low in the sky, casting long shadows over the Green family farm.

Levi turned to his older brother, his voice full of excitement. “John, what if we really did it? What if we started growing pumpkins? We could sell them in the fall. People love pumpkins for Halloween and Thanksgiving.”
John considered the idea, his eyes thoughtful. “That could work, Levi. But we would need to think about the cost of seeds, the time and effort it would take to grow them, and how much we could sell them for.”

“So, it’s not just about growing the pumpkins. It’s also about making sure we can sell them for more than it costs us to grow them, right?” Levi asked, trying to make sense of the business side of things.

John smiled, proud of his younger brother’s understanding. “Exactly, Levi. That’s what we call profit. If we sell the pumpkins for more than it costs us to grow them, we make a profit. If not, we have a loss. So we have to plan carefully.”

“I think I can make the pumpkins grow,” Levi said, his gaze on the fields again. “Pumpkins need a lot of sun and water, and the soil needs to be rich in nutrients. We could use some of the manure from the cows to enrich the soil.”

John looked at his brother, impressed by his determination. “That’s great, Levi! It sounds like you have the farming side of things figured out. We can work together on this. I’ll handle the business side, and you can take care of growing the pumpkins.”

Levi’s face lit up with joy and anticipation. “Really, John? We can really do this?”

“Absolutely, Levi. We’re the Green brothers. There’s nothing we can’t do when we put our minds to it,” John affirmed, pulling his brother into a side hug.

As the setting sun painted the sky with hues of orange and purple, the brothers shook hands, their agreement sealed. They were not just playing ‘farmers of the year’ anymore. They were becoming it.