Dragoons United – Chapter One Posted

I have just posted the first chapter of “Dragoons United: Brotherhood Beyond Circumstance.”

The book is a historical novel based on the actual events of the First New York Dragoons during the American Civil War. The story is told from the perspectives of three men: Levi Davis Green, Marvin Wheeler Green, and Alfred Gibbs.

The book begins by introducing Peggy Forshee Blair, from Virginia, and her two brothers, William and Lewis, who served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Peggy’s journey to Texas to visit her brothers is the beginning of a story that will unite people from different backgrounds, social classes, and ideologies.

It is during her visit that Peggy meets Alfred Gibbs, a promising Army officer. Peggy’s brothers had spoken highly of Gibbs, regaling their family with tales of his bravery and acts of heroism during his time in Texas. Gibbs had also exchanged letters with Peggy before her visit, and the two were eager to meet in person.

Their first meeting is one of tenderness and warmth, with Gibbs taking great care to ensure that Peggy feels welcome and comfortable in her new surroundings. They spend time together, discussing their hopes and dreams and discovering their shared love for the country they call home.

Gibbs is torn between his love for Peggy and his duty to his country as he fights on the side of the Union against Peggy’s brothers in the Confederate Army. Nevertheless, he believes that their love is strong enough to overcome any political divide, and the two commit to each other before Peggy leaves for home.

The story follows Gibbs and the Green brothers as they fight in some of the most famous battles of the Civil War, including Gettysburg and Antietam. It explores the bonds that are forged between men in the heat of battle and the way in which those bonds transcend differences in social class, race, and political ideology.

Ultimately, Chapter One of “Dragoons United: Brotherhood Beyond Circumstance” is a powerful story of love, friendship, and loyalty in the face of adversity.

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Dragoons United – A Novel

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