Completed Summaries of the List of Engagements

I have recently finished work on the Dragoons List of Engagements. What makes this work significant is that I have posted an individual summary of each engagement with an explanation of how these battles impacted the war effort.

As you examine each engagement, follow the links to read the summary. I spent this time writing these summaries because when I began researching the Civil War, I was overwhelmed by the expansiveness of the information related to the conflict. I did not know where to “jump into” the conflict or understand each battle’s importance. This confusion extended to the leaders on each side.

Therefore, when I discovered the letters of Levi, Marvin, and John Sterns Green, I had a starting point for which to begin researching. The list of engagements and my summary of each battle will be a good start for those researchers beginning their journey into the great War of the Rebellion.

I hope you enjoy reading and learning more about the contribution of the Frist New York Dragoons in the effort to protect the Union.

You can explore the List of Engagements Here

Dragoons’ List of Engagements

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