Letchworth Park and Camp Portage Update

I have added a short article on Camp Portage, which is part of the Dragoons’ initial regimental formation and training at Letchworth Park, located in Livingston County and Wyoming County in the western part of the State of New York. The park played a significant role in the memories of the survivors of the regiment. The 130th New York arrived at Camp Portage in mid-August 1862 and left for Suffolk, Virginia, in early September 1862.

In James R. Bowen’s book, The Regimental History of the First New York Dragoons, Bowen briefly discusses the parade grounds or Camp Portage. Still, the men who returned home would return to the park to hold reunions or hold the “Soldiers Picnic,” as it would later be known.

This article is short, but it has links to other great resources for those who wish to travel down an exciting rabbit hole on Letchworth Park.

Cheers, and I hope you have a great start to 2023!

Garland H. Green, Jr.


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