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Levi D. Green was a soldier fighting in the American Civil War and this letter, dated May 30, 1863, is addressed to his dear mother. In this letter, Levi expresses his happiness upon receiving a letter from his mother and informs her that he and his friend Marvin are in good health. The letter provides a glimpse into the life of a soldier during the war, as Levi describes his daily activities and the conditions in Camp Suffolk, Virginia.

Levi inquires about the brass he had sent home, which has the battle and company printed on it, and requests his mother to keep it safe until he returns home. He also sends some songs and a map of their company, which has the names of all the boys in their company and a cavalry charge in the center. He asks his mother to get a frame made for the map and asks Ed to do it if he can.

Levi also mentions hearing about the Slingland girl and tells Dave to go to his company, and Nelson to keep up a good stiff upper lip. He expresses regret that Nelson wasn’t there when the rebels were nearby and mentions that the rebels left in a hurry. He also writes about finding a rebel’s hand that had been shot off with a piece of a shell.

In conclusion, this letter from Levi D. Green to his dear mother provides a window into the life of a soldier during the American Civil War. It highlights the difficulties faced by soldiers and the longing for home and loved ones. The letter also provides a glimpse into the camaraderie and brotherhood among soldiers and the importance of keeping their spirits high in the face of war.

This poster is an example of the type Levi would have mailed home. I saw an original Company E. poster in Rochester, New York, in 1992 in the collection of a descendant of a former Dragoon. I have since lost contact with the family, and I do not have my old contact from so many years ago. I am showing the poster from Company F., First New York Dragoons. The quality is poor.

Letter Transcript


Camp Suffolk, VA Dear Mother I recieved yours of the 20 and glad was I to hear from you and to hear you ware well and in good helth I am well and so is Marvin I have just come from the fort, today is Sunday and we do not have to work today some of the boys is on gard I want you to rite and tell me if you have get that brass that I sent home with the battle printed on it and Company and regt if you have got it. I want you to keep it for me until I come home I have sent you some songs you must keep them to I am going to send a map of our company I have to pay one dollar for it it has got a cavelry charge on the senter and all the names of the boys in our company you must get a frame made and put it in it get Ed to do it. it if he will do as mutch as that I reckon wright smart I heard that Slingland girl was with pup or some other thing had happened to the girl. tell dave to go to his Company the lasey pup tell Nelson to keep up a good stiff upper lip and he will live out his alotted days I wished he could have been hear when the rebs ware hear they shout rite at us the rebs left in a mity grate hurry We found a rebs hand that had been shot off with a piece of a shell wheet is all hecked out apples as large as hen eggs. No more at present write soon. L. D. Green

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