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This letter, dated April 8, 1864, is from Levi D. Green to his mother. He reports that both he and Marvin are well and expresses his gratitude for receiving a recent letter and a likeness of Almina. Levi instructs his mother to have her likeness taken if she has not already done so, as he wants to have a more recent image of her. He mentions that they have received their pay and will be sending $40 to their mother, though he is cautious about sending it by mail and may wait for a courier service. Marvin had previously sent money by mail, but Levi is wary of this method. He reports that stamps are scarce and cost five cents each, but they were pleased to receive the stamps sent by his mother. Levi also asks about his father’s well-being and whether the family has paid for their land. He emphasizes that he wants his mother to take care of all outstanding payments to avoid any future difficulties. The letter ends with Levi expressing his love and wishing his mother to write back soon.

Letter Transcript


“Dear Mother Yours of the 5th was duly received. It found us both well and I hope this will find you the same we was glad to get your likness and Almina I want you to get yours taken and send or you are to old you do not look as you did when I left home Almina looks first like Mary Waldon we got our pay last knight and we are a going to send you 40 dollars I am a frade to send it by mail 1 shall wate and let Sterns express it their first express hear I am afrade to trust it in the mail Marvin has some money that he sent in the mail we got the stamps you sent and was glad to get them we have to pay five cents for a stamp hear and cant get them at that There is not mutch news hear you did not rite how pa was and have you paid for your land. I want you to pay all of it and have it out of the way. Wright soon. I remain as ever your son L. D. Green.”

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