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John S. Green writes to friends at home to update them on his situation. He is in a brigade near Brandy Station and is ready for any movement to the front. Uncle John is not well and they expect to receive their pay soon, with John planning to send 60 dollars of his 70 dollars home. He describes the daily routines in the camp, including role call, company and battalion drill, and inspections. L. D. Green adds a note to the letter saying he is well and sends 20 dollars. He asks about the status of their father’s horse and John R. Clark’s deal and wants to know if the old mare will have a colt. Nelson has not written home until he receives a letter.

Letter Transcript


Camp near Brandy Station Friends at home As I have not wrot in quite a while I thought that I would write a few lines to inform you how and where I am. we are in a brigade now but we are near Brandy Station yet but we do not know what moment we will move to the front but I am ready for ever comes. Uncle John is not very well yesterday and today. We were mustard for pay yesterday and we will get it in ten or fifteen days. I shall draw about 70 dollars I shall send home 60 dollars of it I geufs.

Ma I will tell you some things we have to do in the first in the morning you will hear the drums beat and you will have to get up to role call and then eat your breakfast and then the sick goes to see the Doctor and then they mount guard, that is to releive the old guard and put on a new one which stands 24 hours and then is relieved also Well then we have to go out on Company Drill and that takes all the forenoon and then we eat dinner and about 2 or 3 o’clock we go out on batallion Drill and drill till most night and then we are done for the day at 6 o’clock we have Role Call and nine in the evening Thursday and Sundays we have inspections of our clothes knapsacks haversacks canteens guns straps and ammunition and so on I must stop for Levi and Mervin has come

Camp of Home Battery R 1st U.S. Art.

Dear mother As Sterns is wrighting I thought I would wright a line to you to let you know that I am well and I hope you are the same. I sent you 20 Dollars wright soon this from L. D. Green

Levi and Marvin is here to day on a pafs they are about a mile and a half from our camp. Now Mother I want you to write and tell me wether pa (?) has paid for his horse yet with that money that he got up to Wards and if he has not I want you to tell me what has he done with it and I want you to tell me about John R. Clarks deal how that has come out and wether the old mare is agoing to have a colt is (??) for Nelson he says he will not write until he gets a letter from home. J. G. Green

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