About this Letter

Levi D. Green is writing to his father from Suffolk, VA. He begins the letter by expressing his well-being and the status of his regiment. He then mentions that he has four months of pay coming to him, amounting to $52.00, which he intends to send to his father. Levi is aware of the value of his money and is making a clear attempt to be financially responsible.

In the letter, Levi wants to catch up with some of his family members, including his sister Almina and his younger brother Elmer. He also mentions his uncle Arnel and Nelson. Levi wants to be updated on the status of the farm, specifically asking his father to take care of the calves for him.

Levi seems to have a sense of humor, as evidenced by his statement to Clark to “kiss my ass.” He also makes a reference to hunting the Rebels, indicating that he is a soldier in the Union army during the American Civil War.

In conclusion, this letter from Levi D. Green to his father shows a young man who is bravely serving his country and trying to be a responsible and caring son. Despite the circumstances of war, Levi is focused on maintaining a connection with his family and ensuring their financial stability. The letter also gives us a glimpse into the life of a soldier during the Civil War and provides an example of the sacrifices made by soldiers and their families during this time in American history.

Letter Transcript


Suffolk, VA. Dear father. I am well and so is Marvin our regt has not left this place and I dont think I shall. I have not heard from you in a quiet while. I have got 4 months pay coming to me it shall be 52 dollars. I shall get it in a week or two I think our Regt went out to Black Water last week we had not got 3 miles from camp when we run on to them one of our men got shot. I want you to get some stamps and send to me for I want to send some money to you. I am twenty one that shall not stop me from sending you money pa. I want you to rais them calvs for me I shall want them when I come home I want you to rite and tell me if you have let the big stears go tell Nelson that I have to hunt the Rebs as he does Rabits I have ben an gard where I could see the fire to the Rebs posts when they was on gard. tell Eelmer i would like to see him and Almina to I would like to see Uncle Arnel and Nelson tell Clark to kiss my ass and let my trap set in the mud I could pack him to hell and back Pa you see that I have some stamps for I want to send the money home I will send so it to you as soon as I get it rite soon. this from your son L. D. Green

RESEARCHER’S NOTE: To put things into perspective for the pay that Levi received. $52.00 would amount to roughly $1,225.00 in 2023 (SOURCE) 

Levi wants to see several people in this letter. He speaks of Almina. The person he is speaking of is Alice Almina Green, his sister. Almina was born on 8 May 1853 in Hallsport, Willing, Allegany County, New York, and died on 23 October 1937 in Altoona, Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Elmer Leuellen Green  (Elmer) is Levi’s younger brother. Elmer was born on 17 March 1858 in Allegany county, New York, and died in 1931 in Altoona, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Elmer is buried in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Levi appears to be referencing a conversation with his father not documented in the letters archived on this site. At one point, Levi indicates that he is twenty-one years old and can make decisions with his money. From the text of this email, Levi intends to return home to Hallsport to work and grow the farm with the funds he sends home to the family.