The letter is from John S. Green to his father, mother, sister, and brothers, written on December 1, 1864 from Cliffburn Barracks in Washington, D.C. Green writes that he has not heard from his family in a long time and is getting anxious about the money he sent home. He asks them to write and let him know if they have received it. He also requests that they send him a pair of mittens and some butter if they have it. Green received a letter from Marvin and he is well, but trying to get a furlough. Green mentions that it is the first day of winter and that the weather has been cold and sometimes good. He asks his mother to put his money away for him because he wants to use it when he returns home to go to school. Green mentions that he lives in barracks and sleeps in a room filled with bunks, but they sleep warm and dry. He ends the letter by asking his family to write to him.

Letter Transcript


Cliffburn Barracks Washington

Father Mother Sister & Brothers

I thought that I would write a line as (?) this morning for I am getting a little anxious about my money that I sent to you for I have not heard from it yet and I want you to write an tell me if you have got it yet and I want you to write any way for I have not heard from home in a long time if you have not sent my gloves you need not send them first I have got me a pair but I want the mittens the box when you can send it and be sure and send some buter if you have got it.

Today is the firs day of winter and I have not seen any snow yet it has been good weather for a while back but it is cold now and then a day.

Well Ma I got a letter from Marvin the othere day he is well and is a going to get a Furlough if he can he has gone into winter but Ma I want you to let me know if you have got my money. John S. Green

Ma I want you to put my money away I keep it for a want it when I get home to go to School with.

Ma you can do as you are a mind to about a sending me a box it will cost a little and I do not know of any thing but butter but what I have got but a a pair of mittens I must have for my sore hand gets cold very easy. Ma why do you have your mail come to Hallsport you go to Wellsville twice where you go to Hallsport once but I can send it to Hallsport. 0 ma you wanted to know if I had to lay on the ground I can tell you ma. don’t the heading of my letter say Barracks and Barracks is buildings all clapboard and has window just like any house but not so warm and there is but one room and that is filled up with bunks for to sleep on an we have straw tick and blankets and we sleep as warm and dry as you do we have storms but this will do. John S. Green of 5th Co. Battalion V.R.C. be sure and write

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