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John S. Green wrote the letter on September 21, 1864. He wrote from the 2nd Depot Y.R.C. Cliffburne Barracks in Washington, D.C., to inform his mother that he had been transferred from Philadelphia. He has been placed in the Veterans Reserve Corps and expects to be sent to New York to work in hospitals. Green has not received his pay yet and asks his mother to keep the money he has sent home. He asks her to let him know if she spends any of it so he can act accordingly. Green has not heard from his brother Marvin, but he believes he is in Western Virginia with Sheridan. Sheridan recently had a great victory. Green does not know how long he will stay in Washington and will inform his mother where he is going next. He ends the letter by saying goodbye.

Letter Transcript


2nd Depot Y.R.C. Cliffburne Barracks Washington

as I have been sent away frwom Philadelephia to Washington I thought I would write and inform you of it.

I have been put in the V.R.C. or Veterans Reserve Corps generaly called Invelids and I expect to be sent north somewhere before long maybe to New York to do duty at some of the Hospitals there

Well Ma I have not recieved any pay yet and I do not know when I shall get any but I want you to keep what I have sent home by all means but I may get my Discharge and then I shall want it. if you should spend any of it I want you to let me know it So I can act accordingly.

Well as for Marvin I have not heard from him in some time but I guefs he is in Western Virginia with Sheridan. I should like to hear from him. Sheridan has had a great victory the other day.

Well I do not think of any more to write this time. Ma you need not write to me for I do not know how long I shall stay here when I am sent from here then I will tell you where I am and then you can write So good by John S. Green

Researcher’s Note: The 2nd Depot Y.R.C. Cliffburne Barracks in Washington, D.C. was a military barracks for the Union Army during the American Civil War. The “Y.R.C.” in the name stands for “Young Reserve Corps”, which was another name for the Veterans Reserve Corps. This corps was formed in 1863 to provide employment and support for disabled or incapacitated soldiers who could no longer serve in combat, but could still perform light duties. The 2nd Depot Y.R.C. Cliffburne Barracks was one of several similar facilities established throughout the country. Its location in Washington, D.C. was likely significant because of the city’s importance as the seat of the federal government during the war.

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