Chapter 1: Back on Duty (Part 3/4)

Chapter 1: Back on Duty (Part 3/4)

Alfred’s duties in the coming weeks took him away from Virginia, as he was required to spend six weeks in Washington, D.C., for training and to work for the Department of War. Between his responsibilities there and his occasional trips back to New York, he found himself constantly on the move.

During this time, Peggy and Alfred’s love continued growing as they exchanged heartfelt letters, each filled with longing and affection. Their words painted vivid pictures of their lives apart, bridging the distance between them. Whenever his work allowed, Alfred would steal away to Virginia to spend precious moments with Peggy, their love blossoming like spring flowers.

As a disciplined military man, Alfred was known for his strict adherence to rules and regulations. But beneath his stern exterior lay a kind, honest man who deeply cared for those under his command. His understanding of his heart grew as his love for Peggy grew. He knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

However, Alfred was torn between his love for Peggy and the reality of his life as a frontier soldier. He knew that asking her to marry him would mean she would have to leave her life in Virginia behind and follow him into the uncertain world of the western frontier. This thought weighed heavily on his mind as he was reticent to impose such a burden on the woman he loved.

Alfred’s love for Peggy was deep and unwavering, yet fears of rejection plagued him. He worried that she might not be willing to make the sacrifices required to build a life together in the harsh, unforgiving landscape that awaited them. These thoughts haunted him during his long days in Washington and his journeys between the capital and New York.

Despite his fears, Alfred could not deny the love that burned within him. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw Peggy’s face, her eyes filled with the warmth and tenderness that had captured his heart. Her laughter echoed in his ears, a reminder of the happiness they had shared during their stolen moments together.

As the days and weeks passed, Alfred’s resolve grew stronger. He knew he could not let his fears stand in the way of their love. He would ask for Peggy’s hand in marriage, vowing to do everything he could to ensure her happiness, regardless of their challenges.

With his decision made, Alfred felt a sense of peace and determination wash over him. He was ready to face whatever the future held as long as Peggy was by his side. And so, with a heart full of love and hope, Alfred prepared to embark on the most incredible adventure of his life – a journey towards a future entwined with the woman who had captured his heart. 

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