Century and Union League Clubs, New York City

The Century Association, commonly known as the Century Club, and the Union League Club are both prestigious private social clubs based in New York City with rich histories.

The Century Association

  • Founded: 1847
  • Purpose: The Century Association was established as an arts and letters club, originally intended for artists, writers, and intellectuals. Over time, it expanded to include prominent individuals from various fields.
  • Location: The club has been located at various addresses over the years, with its current clubhouse at 7 West 43rd Street.
  • Notable Members: The Century Association has had numerous distinguished members, including authors Mark Twain and William Cullen Bryant, artist Frederic Edwin Church, and architect Stanford White.
  • Activities: The club hosts a variety of cultural and intellectual events, including art exhibitions, literary readings, and lectures.

The Union League Club

  • Founded: 1863
  • Purpose: The Union League Club was founded during the Civil War to promote loyalty to the Union cause, support the policies of President Abraham Lincoln, and advocate for the abolition of slavery. It has since evolved into a general social club.
  • Location: The club’s current address is 38 East 37th Street.
  • Notable Members: The Union League Club has had many notable members, including President Theodore Roosevelt, General Ulysses S. Grant, and financier J.P. Morgan.
  • Activities: The club is known for its political and civic engagement, hosting events, discussions, and supporting various charitable causes.

Both clubs have played significant roles in the social, cultural, and political life of New York City and the United States, providing spaces for influential figures to meet and engage in various activities and discussions.

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