“The County Antrim family has a tradition that the arms were granted by King Malcolm of Scotland to a Blair who had been of signal bravery in a battle, in clearing a field of the enemy, the word BLAIR signifying ‘a cleared field’.”

(The above information is obtained from “The Blair Family of New England,” by Emily Wilder Leavitt, in the Library of Congress.)


In the winter of 1930, Mr. Rolfe Eldridge Glover, of Richmond, Virginia, in honor of his wife, Mrs. Sarah Eyre Blair Glover, recently deceased, began to make plans for the compilation and publication of a genealogy of his wife’s family, the . Mr. Glover requested Mrs. Glover’s first cousin, Miss Louisa Coleman Gordon Blair, to undertake the research and make a collection of material necessary for the book. Within a few months time Mr. Glover himself passed away. In devoted consideration of his father’s wishes, Mr. Rolfe Eldridge Glover, Jr., his son, immediately sought to continue the Memorial, requesting the editor chosen by his father to proceed with the work for the volume.

It is a pleasure to state of these two gentlemen that both were very liberal in placing at the editor’s disposal funds to pursue research and to aid in the mechanics of preparation, also giving her a free hand in the selection of material. In view of this generous provision for the benefit of Mrs. Glover’s people, the editor most cordially has cooperated by dedicating her time gratis to the Memorial.

The scope of the genealogy has been enlarged since the work for it began. This has been made possible through the increased liberality of Mr. Rolfe Eldridge Glover, Jr.

In planning the volume it seemed best to the editor to emphasize first the family line of the Rev. John Durburrow Blair, assembling a correct list of all of his descendants to the last, or 7th, generation (1932). These are the Blairs of Richmond, Virginia, and to this list they themselves may refer for relationship and their descendants may trace ancestry and kinship.

In order to present in the clearest manner possible the six lines of descent from the Rev. John Durburrow Blair, family names have followed each other in sequence with scant comment or none. Footnotes at the bottom of pages and Longer Notes in the rear furnish further information.

From among the large amount of material collected, the choice for publication has been difficult. The editor has been guided in selection by including, first, matter which will be of most practical assistance to those who may consult the genealogy, such as dates in the older generations, and secondly what would prove of interest as to careers, personalities, localities, traditions, etc. With regard to biography, greatest length has been given to that of the beloved head of the Blair family of Richmond, Rev. John Durburrow Blair. His father, Rev. John Blair, and his uncle, Rev. Samuel Blair, emigrants, are accorded narratives next in length. The editor regrets that lack of space has limited accounts of collateral lines and much reference to many admirable men and women who have intermarried with Richmond Blairs and conferred honor on them. Among these the Winston family, including Jordans, Flemings, Merediths, is rich in interest and significance for study. The chapter on Research discusses mainly the ancestry of the Richmond Blairs.

That the work she has affectionately pursued in honor of Mrs. Glover may be continued and greatly extended by Blairs of the Richmond family in coming generations, is the very earnest desire of the compiler of this book. She ardently urges, besides, the organization of a Blair family society, to which all descendants of Rev. John Durburrow will be eligible. Such an association would preserve the family archives, inherit and care for family portraits and other relics, encourage and report research, and keep alive an already very strong family tradition, as well as place on available record correct membership in the society of future generations of Louisa Coleman Gordon Blair.Richmond, Virginia, July, 1933.



Adams, Betsy100
Adams, John110
Adams, Dr. John105
Adams, Margaret (Winston)105
Addie, Mary115-A
Alexander, Dr. Archibald87, 145
Alexander, Rev. Archibald139
Alexander, Miss80
Alexander, of Princeton, letter from82
Allen, John J.29
Allen, Margaret Heron (Harvie)29
Alrich family of Delaware134
Anderson, Anne Aylett17
Anderson, Caroline Haigh56
Anderson, Ellen Graham113
Anderson, Ellen Graham18
Anderson, Judge Francis Thomas17
Anderson, George W.26
Anderson, Mrs. Julia Lewis Da Gruytor29
Anderson, Judith Nicoll18
Anderson, Mary Ann (Alexander)17
Anderson, Mary Bell, of “Edgehill,” Montgomery Co., Va.26
Anderson, Mary Louisa (Blair)111, 112, 113
Anderson, Maude B.17
Anderson, Ruth Floyd17
Anderson, Sarah Kent26
Anderson, Mrs. William115
Anderson, William Alexander17
Anderson, Maj. William Alexander112, 113
Anderson, William Dandridge Alexander17
Anderson, Col. William Dandridge Alexander112
Anderson, Maude (Browne)17
Antrim, Adrian Davant43
Antrim, Adrian (Davant)42
Antrim, Albert Blair42
Antrim, Albert Blair, Jr.42
Antrim, Corinne (Lobb)42
Antrim, Edward M.42
Antrim, Edward Massie42
Antrim, Edward Monroe42
Antrim, Elizabeth Baker43
Antrim, Elizabeth Winston42, 43
Antrim, John42, 43
Antrim, John, Jr.43
Antrim, Katharine (Patton)43
Antrim, Lillian (Savage)43
Antrim, Lucille (Dennison)42
Antrim, Margaret Gertrude42, 43
Antrim, Priscilla Massie42
Antrim, Susan (Blair)42
Antrim, Susie Massie42
Antrim, Susie (Massie)42
Antrim, Walter Morris42, 43
Archer, Martha Elizabeth14
Archer, Mary Finlay Mcllwaine14
Archer, William Segar14
Augustine, Fanny Carter (Scott)14
Augustine, Harry Hamill14
Augustine, Harry Hamill, Jr.14
Augustine, Lucy Carter14
Barnett, Lelia Jefferson (Harvie)29
Barnett, Samuel Jackson29
Baretto, Marie Louise15
Batte, Henry115-A
Batte, John115-A
Batte, Mary115-A
Batte, Thomas115-A
Beggar’s Bush on James River102
Beirne, Ellen Gray12
Belvidere Blairs141
Benning, Judith114
Binford, Betsy Kennon54
Binford, Caroline Haigh (Anderson)56
Binford, Caroline Smith56
Binford, Elizabeth (Coates)57
Binford, Elizabeth R. (Kennon)54
Binford, Eleanor55
Binford, Ella54
Binford, Ella McCormick (Clowes)54
Binford, Ernestine (Black)57
Binford, Frank Good57
Binford, Frank Mayo56, 57
Binford, Guy Randolph54, 55
Binford, Irma Fulgham55
Binford, James J.53
Binford, Julian54
Binford, Julien, Jr.54
Binford, Julien, III55
Binford, Katherine55
Binford, Lillian54, 55
Binford, Mabel (Toms)55
Binford, Maria Green56
Binford, Margaret Revelle (Wood)55
Binford, Mary Blair54, 55
Binford, Mary Blair (Mayo)53
Binford, Mary Parker (Good)57
Binford, Mayo54
Binford, Thomas53
Binford, Thomas54
Binford, Walter Blair54, 56
Binford, Walter Blair, II56
Binford, Walter Blair, III56
Binford, Walter Clowes54, 55
Binford, William Kennon55
Binford, Woolfolk54
Black, Ernestine57
Blair family (Blaer—Blar—de Blair)3
Blair, Adolphus12
Blair, Adolphus, Jr.13, 15
Blair, Adolphus Beirne15
Blair, Albert37, 42
Blair, Alexander de4
Blair, Alice12
Blair, Alice15
Blair, Alice (Agnes)146
Blair, Alice Small13
Blair, Alice Wayles (Harrison)21
Blair, Dr. Andrew of Larne, Ireland143
Blair, Andrew Beirne13
Blair, Andrew Beirne, Jr.13
Blair, Andrew Lesslie, of “Summer Hill,” Albemarle Co., Va.18, 19
Blair, Ann Elizabeth45
Blair, Ann (Graham)146
Blair, Dr. Archibald131
Blair, Archibald, Sr.134
Blair, Archibald, Jr.134
Blair, Bertha Maria (Small)13
Blair, Bessie (Samuel)38
Blair, Bettie Baskerville38
Blair, Beverley134
Blair, Brice142, 143
Blair, Brice, of Ireland140
Blair, Sir Bryce5
Blair, Bruce143
Blair, Charles Lathrop14
Blair, Charles Macmurdo11, 20
Blair, Mrs. Clarill (Blair)140
Blair, Claudia37
Blair, Clay Drewry15
Blair, Clay Drewry15
Blair, Cornelia A. (Dickerson)38
Blair, Courtenay Heron11
Blair, Daniel143
Blair, David133
Blair, Donald McKensie22
Blair, Eliza Violet Howard (Gist)79
Blair, Elizabeth68, 80, 145, 147
Blair, Elizabeth (Blair)77
Blair, Elizabeth (Durburrow)76, 80, 87, 149
Blair, Elizabeth Durburrow53, 92, 123
Blair, Elizabeth Hollister (Frost)21
Blair, Elizabeth Mayo12
Blair, Elizabeth Powell19
Blair, Elizabeth (Preston)79
Blair, Elizabeth Sydnor37, 40
Blair, Elizabeth Thilman (Trueheart)37, 42
Blair, Ellen Beirne13, 15
Blair, Ellen Donnell Codrington48, 103
Blair, Ellen Donnell (Smith)48
Blair, Ellen Edmundson47
Blair, Ellen Edmundson47
Blair, Ellen Ewing (Edmundson)46, 49
Blair, Ellen Gray (Beirne)13
Blair, Emalia147
Blair, Ernest Spotswood135
Blair, Esther143
Blair, Esther (Peden)142, 143
Blair, Ethel16
Blair, Ethel (Gould)21, 22
Blair, Evelyn Arthur (Burks)47
Blair, Florence Lyle44
Blair, Frances or Francina69, 146
Blair, Frances (Van Hook)64, 67, 68
Blair, Francis Preston79, 81
Blair, Francis Preston, Jr.80
Blair, Mrs. Francis Preston, Jr. (Alexander)80
Blair, Genevieve Lathrop14
Blair, George13
Blair, Gordon44
Blair, Hannah67, 145
Blair, Hannah (Harrison)131
Blair, Hannah Hodge Shippen80
Blair, Harrison Westbrook22
Blair, Harvie Mayo16
Blair, Heningham Elizabeth47, 48
Blair, Judge Henry Edmundson46, 47
Blair, Henry Wayne17, 112, 113
Blair, Hugh132
Blair, Hugh44, 132, 133, 139
Blair, Irving13
Blair, James92, 133, 143
Blair, James of Raloo, Ireland144
Blair, Dr. James3, 8, 18, 44, 120, 121, 125, 126, 127
Blair, Dr. James of York Co., Va.134
Blair, Judge James of Kentucky78, 80
Blair, Rev. James, Founder of College of William and Mary131
Blair, James Edwin134
Blair, James Heron11, 18, 19, 45
Blair, James Sutton of Indiana, Pa.41, 75, 132
Blair, Mrs. James Sutton37, 75, 95
Blair, Jane7
Blair, Jane (Blair)18, 45
Blair, Jane Isabella18, 19
Blair, Jane Isabella (Lesslie)18, 44, 126
Blair, Jane Lesslie19, 127
Blair, Jane Ronald (Mills)37
Blair, Janet Drummond143
Blair, Jean Feild22
Blair, Miss Jenny, of Carlisle, Pa.134, 140, 147
Blair, John5, 75, 142, 143, 147
Blair, John37, 38
Blair, Gov. John131
Blair, Rev. John, emigrant7, 71, 72, 73, 76, 77, 80, 81, 82, 84, 85, 87, 89, 132, 133, 139, 140, 141, 144, 145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 153
Blair, Writings of81, 85
Blair, Judge John, Jr.131
Blair, Dr. John, of Augusta Co., Va.135
Blair, Dr. John Crawford of Larne, Ireland143, 145
Blair, John Durburrow90, 101, 107, 110
Blair, John Durburrow11, 10, 12, 57
Blair, John Durburrow, III13, 14
Blair, John Durburrow, IV14
Blair, John Durburrow, V14
Blair, Mrs. John Durburrow99, 132
Blair, Rev. John Durburrow7, 8, 10, 37, 46, 49, 53, 59, 73, 74, 77, 78, 80, 84, 87-109, 102-A, 123, 125, 131, 134, 148, 149, 150, 152, 153
Blair, Funeral92
Blair, Grave92
Blair, Memorial tablet94
Blair, Military service149
Blair, Portraits95
Blair, Will109
Blair, Writings94, 95
Blair, John Geddes8, 10, 12, 16, 18, 20, 21, 24, 31, 45, 58, 92, 109, 111, 116
Blair, John H.134
Blair, John Harvie12, 16
Blair, John Inslee, of Belvidere, N. J.133
Blair, John Lesslie44
Blair, Joseph64, 67
Blair, Joseph Mayo12, 15
Blair, Joseph Mayo, Jr.15, 16
Blair, Josephine Mayo11
Blair, Josephine Mayo22
Blair, Lawrence67
Blair, Leena Custis (Watkins) Hall41, 132
Blair, Lelia Skipwith22
Blair, Lewis Harvie10
Blair, Lewis Harvie11, 21
Blair, Lewis Harvie, Jr.22
Blair, Lizzie Mayo15, 16
Blair, Lord, President of Court of Sessions132
Blair, Louisa Coleman Gordon44, 152
Blair, Louisa Edmonia (Wills)46, 47
Blair, Louise Heron22
Blair, Louise (Smith)56
Blair, Lucinda Ella (Loving)20
Blair, Lucy Fitzhugh (Mayo)57
Blair, Lucy Mayo13, 14
Blair, Maria49, 122
Blair, Marie Louise15
Blair, Marie Louise (Baretto)15
Blair, Marie Rosalie von Cortelburg de Dutzele45
Blair, Margaret68, 145
Blair, Margaret (Edmundson)49, 122
Blair, Margaret Edmundson49
Blair, Martha68, 143
Blair, Martha Campbell (Lyle)143, 144, 146
Blair, Tombstone147
Blair, Martha Elizabeth (Archer)14
Blair, Martha Randolph (Feild)21, 22, 116
Blair, Mary68, 143, 146
Blair, Mary (Corven)148
Blair, Mary of Raloo, Ireland144
Blair, Mary Elizabeth11, 18, 31, 125
Blair, Mary Elizabeth (Woodbury)79
Blair, Mary (Gordon)44
Blair, Mary Josephine20
Blair, Mary Kilgo Dearman15
Blair, Mary Louisa16, 17, 111
Blair, Mary Mayo38
Blair, Mary (Ward)77
Blair, Mary (Winston)7, 8, 10, 37, 44, 46, 49, 53, 89, 91, 92, 104, 108, 109
Blair, Mary Winston37, 42
Blair, Hon. Montgomery79, 133
Blair, Nancy143
Blair, Naomi (or Nannie)147
Blair, Nicholas Mills, of “The Hermitage”38
Blair, Norma Williamson (Hanes)15
Blair, Peggy Foushee11, 20, 0117
Blair, Rebecca77, 146, 149
Blair, Robert, Author132
Blair, Robert Carter7
Blair, Rev. Robert of St. Andrews, Scotland41, 132, 133, 140, 141
Blair, Sally (Palmer)13
Blair, Samuel of Raloo, Ireland144, Tombstone
Blair, Judge Samuel of Kentucky77
Blair, Rev. Samuel, of “Fagg’s Manor,” Pa.63-71, 82-86, 132, Writings of
Blair, Rev. Samuel, Jr.67, 70, 86
Blair, Samuel Jordan8, 37, 42, 92
Blair, Sarah68, 125, 145
Blair, Sarah10, 12, 24
Blair, Sarah Ann Eyre (Heron)10, 12, 16, 18, 20, 21, 24, 31, 45, 58, 125
Blair, Sarah Eyre18, 152
Blair, Sarah Heron20
Blair, Susan37, 42
Blair, Susan (Shippen)70
Blair, Susannah69
Blair, Susie20
Blair, Thomas Rutherfoord34, 92
Blair, Thomas Rutherfoord8, 49, 122
Blair, Violet80
Blair, Virginia Martin (Drewry)15
Blair, Walter47, 48
Blair, Walter, II56
Blair, Dr. Walter, of Hampden-Sydney121
Blair, Walter Dabney92
Blair, Walter Dabney8, 46
Blair, Walter Dabney21
Blair, Col. Walter Dabney82, 87, 108, 121, 133, 139
Blair, William3, 79, 107, 140, 143
Blair, William, Atty.67
Blair, William of Carlisle, Pa.148
Blair, Judge William of Maryland147, 148
Blair, William of Raloo, Ireland148
Blair, William Allison of Victoria, Australia4
Blair, William Archer14
Blair, William Barrett11, 16
Blair, Col. William Barrett110, 111, 112
Blair, William Harrison80
Blair, William Harrison21
Blair, William Lawrence77, 87
Blair, William Lawrence of Kentucky148
Blair, William Trueheart37
Blair Academy of Blairstown, N.J.133
Blair, Ancestry139
Blair, Bible80
Blair Bible of Carlisle, Pa.133
Blair, Coat of Arms147
Blair, Coat of Arms — Ireland, County Antrim151
Blair, Coat of Arms — Scotland151
Blair Family by Roberdean Buchanan80
Blair, Chart80
Blair, Motto5
Blair, Society153
Blair of New England by Leavitt151
Blair Hall, Princeton University133
Blair, The Blair House, Richmond, Va.107
Blair, Society for Genealogical Research140
Blairs of Ballyvallagh142, 143
Blair, Balthyock, Perthshire3, 4
Blair, Ayeshire3
Blair, Carlisle, Pa.134
Blair, Fagg’s Manor133
Blair, Kentucky by Geo. Baber80
Blair, Lexington, Va.110-113
Blair, New England142
Blair, Richmond, Va.140, 152
Bolling, John115-A
Bolling, Maj. John of “Cobbs”115-A
Bolling, Martha115-A
Bolling, Robert115-A
Bolling, Col. Robert115-A
Botts, John Minor134
Branch, Christopher115-A
Branch, Jane115-A
Branch, John115-A
Branch, Mary115-A
Branch, Matthew115-A
Branch, Obedience115-A
Branch, Thomas115-A
Branch, William115-A
Brand, Mr.99
Brand, Sally101
Brandon, Howard33
Brandon, Jane Meade (Harvie)33
Brandon, Lewis Edwin Harvie33
Brasseur, Florence102-A
Brasseur, Margaret102, 102-A
Brasseur, Robert102
Brasseur, Robert, Immigrant102-A
Breckinridge, Gen. J.C.145
Brice, Rev. Edward of Ballycarry, Ireland142
Brice Blair family141
Brockenbrough, Gabriella (Harvie)125
Brockenbrough, Dr. John125
Brown, Charles Brockden78
Brown, Elizabeth (Linn)78
Brown, John or Dr. Thomas115-A
Brown, Mary115-A
Browne, Maude17
Browne, Judge W.F.17
Buchanan, Eliza A. (Crossman)115
Buchanan, Gertrude E.115
Buchanan, Rev. John91, 92
Buchanan, Thomas, Jr.115
Burgess, Blair Christian (Clarke)15
Burgess, William Harold15
Burgess, William Harold, Jr.16
Burks, Demaris (Wilson)47
Burks, Evelyn Arthur47
Burks, Landon47
Burrowes, Elizabeth (Blair)80
Cannon, Alma Waddill51
Cannon, Arthur Middleton50, 51
Cannon, Edmund Waddill51
Cannon, Elizabeth Lines49, 50
Cannon, Henry Gibbon34, 49
Cannon, Henry Gibbon51
Cannon, James Edmundson34, 50, 51
Cannon, Juliet Winder (Waddill)51
Cannon, Margaret Antoinette50, 51
Cannon, Margaret Blair51
Cannon, Mrs. Margaret (Blair)92
Cannon, Margaret Edmundson (Blair)34
Cannon, Margaret Edmundson (Blair)49
Cannon, Sue Metcalf (Sharp)51
Cannon, Thomas Blair49
Cannon, Virginia Bernard Harvie51
Cannon, Virginia Bernard (Harvie)34
Carmichael, Rev.86
Carmichael, Hannah (Blair)145
Carmichael, Rev. John68, 145
Carmichael, Sarah (Blair)68, 145
Carrick, Rev. Samuel88
Carrington, Alice Reeve (Mayo)58
Carrington, Elizabeth27
Carrington, Elizabeth W.27
Carrington, Gilbert Whitall58
Carrington, Lois (Cutter)58
Carrington, Mayo58
Carrington, Mayo58
Carrington, Nancy Alden58
Carrington, Thomas Reid27
Carter, Alice Small (Blair)13
Carter, Beirne Blair13
Carter, Burr Noland13
Carter, Elizabeth (Noland)13

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