1. Azile Carroll Blair, died in childhood,
  2. Jane Lesslie Blair, married Arthur Bryan Whitworth.
  3. Sarah Eyre Blair, married Rolfe Eldridge Glover. *29


  1. Rolfe Eldridge Glover, Jr., *30 married Frances Gertrude Cheney. *31


  1. Rolfe Eldridge Glover, III,
  2. Frances Cheney Glover.
  3. Jane Isabella Blair, married Herbert Rutherford Matthews. *32

*28 Of the Powells of Loudoun County, Virginia.

*29 See Longer note 19: Rolfe Eldridge Glover. Glover Line.

*30 See Longer note 20: Rolfe Eldridge Glover, Jr., and Frances Gertrude Cheney Glover.

*31 See Longer note 20: Rolfe Eldridge Glover, Jr., and Frances Gertrude Cheney Glover.

*32 Herbert Rutherford Matthews, son of George Kelly and Anne Rutherford Matthews, of Beckingham, Kent, England, born May 17, 1861. Studied at King’s College, London. Residence in Virginia: “The Bastion,” Westhampton, Richmond. Died in Croydon, England, December 23, 1908. Buried in Shirley Churchyard, Croydon, England. His wife, Jane Isabella Blair Matthews, Jan. 25, 1871-Feb. 11, 1910, is buried with her infant son, James Blair Matthews, in the section of her father, James Heron Blair, Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


  1. George Kelly Matthews, **33 married Marion Earle Tryon, *34 daughter of Jacob Michael and Emma Jane Davis Tryon.
  2. James Blair Matthews, died in infancy,
  3. Anne Blair Matthews. *35
  4. Charles Macmurdo Blair, fifth son of John Geddes and Sarah Ann Eyre Heron Blair, born 1824; removed to California in 1849; married Lucinda Ella Loving; died 1896.


  1. Mary Josephine Blair,
  2. Sarah Heron Blair, married F. E. Cromer,
  3. Susie Blair.
  4. Peggy Foushee Blair, tenth child and fifth daughter of John Geddes and Sarah Ann Eyre Heron Blair; married Gen. Alfred Gibbs (U.S. Army), son of George and Laura Wolcott Gibbs, of New York City.
  5. Alfred Wolcott Gibbs, *36
  6. John Blair Gibbs, M. D., died unmarried. *37

*33 Tome School, Maryland; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; resigned 1917 to enter United States Army aviation; in active service June 1, 1918 to June 30, 1919, as Bombing Observer and Pilot. Second Lieutenant, Aviation Section, Signal Reserve Corps.

*34 The Tryons, a French family (spelled Trion in France), from Alsace-Lorraine, produced a long line of physicians. They settled in Ohio, where they owned the site of the town of Dayton. Marion Earle Tryon descends also from Earles of Boston, Massachusetts.

*35 B.A. of College of William and Mary, Virginia.

*36 See Longer note 23: Gibbs.

*37 See Longer note 23: Gibbs.

  1. Alfred Wolcott Gibbs, married Marianne Everard Skelton, daughter of Dr. John Gifford and Marianne Old Meade Skelton, of Richmond, Virginia.


  1. Marianne Skelton Gibbs, married Landreth Lee Layton, Jr., son of Landreth Lee and Anna Hartung Patterson Layton, of Georgetown, Delaware.


  1. Marianne Gibbs Layton,
  2. Penelope Rodney Layton,
  3. Alfred Wolcott Gibbs Layton.
  4. Lewis Harvie Blair, eleventh child and sixth son of John Geddes and Sarah Ann Eyre Heron Blair, born June 21, 1834; married, 1st, Alice Wayles Harrison, daughter of William Henry and Lucy Ann Powers Harrison of “The Oaks” and “The Wigwam,” Amelia County, Virginia; 2nd, Martha Randolph Feild, daughter of John Shaw and Jean Bland Ruffin Feild, of Boydton, Virginia. Died November 26, 1916.

Issue by Alice Wayles Harrison Blair:

  1. William Harrison Blair, **38
  2. Alfred Gibbs Blair, died in childhood,
  3. John Geddes Blair, died in childhood,
  4. Walter Dabney Blair, *39 married, 1st, Ethel Gould; married, 2nd, Elizabeth Hollister Frost.

*38 William Harrison Blair, B.A., University of Virginia.

*39 Richmond College, 1891-1893; University of Virginia, 1893-1896, B.A. and M.A.; Phi Beta Kappa, University of Virginia; University of Pennsylvania, 1896-1899, B.S. in Architecture; Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France.


By Ethel Gould:

  1. Harrison Westbrook Blair. **40
  2. Lewis Harvie Blair, Jr., **41
  3. Donald McKensie Blair, **42
  4. Lelia Skipwith Blair, **43 married William Northrop; no issue.

By Martha Randolph Feild Blair: **44

  1. Jean Feild Blair, **45 married Jean Eugene Bichier-des-Anges Helion, of La Hubandiere, Normandy.
  2. Josephine Mayo Blair, **46 married Logan Robins Lee.


  1. Lewis Blair Lee,
  2. Jean Blair Lee.
  3. Louise Heron Blair, **47 married Senor Don Pedro Francisco Jean Daura y Garcia, of Barcelona, Spain.

*40 University of Virginia.

*41 B.A., University of Virginia.

*42 M.A., University of Virginia.

*43 Mrs. Northrop’s handsome country-seat, “Norcroft,” in Chesterfield County, Virginia, is noted for its beautiful gardens.

*44 Descendant of the Princess Pocahontas; member of the Virginia Society of the Colonial Dames of America; member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Country residence: “Blair Lea,” Rockbridge County, Virginia.

*45 Presented at the Court of St. James, May, 1925. Member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

*46 Member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

*47 Graduated cum laude, Bryn Mawr College. Member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Alfred Wolcott Gibbs 1856-1922

From a photograph in the possession of Mrs. Landreth Lee Layton.


  1. Martha Randolph Daura y Blair.
  2. Mary Skipwith Blair, **48 died in childhood.

*48 Youngest member, on joining, of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.


Branch A of B., John Geddes Blair Line

  1. Sarah Blair, eldest child of John Geddes and Sarah Ann Eyre Heron Blair, born February 15, 1814; married Lewis Edwin Harvie of “Dykeland,” Amelia County, Virginia (January 14, 1807-July 18, 1887), son of Edwin James and Martha Hardaway Harvie; died April 18, 1890. Buried with her husband in the Harvie burying-ground, Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


  1. Edwin James Harvie, **1
  2. John Blair Harvie, (Major), **2
  3. Pattie Hardaway Harvie,
  4. William Old Harvie, (Major), **3
  5. Charles Irving Harvie, **4 died unmarried,
  6. Courtney Blair Harvie,

*1 Graduate V.M.I.; First Lieutenant of Infantry, U.S. Army; Inspector General of the Army of Tennessee, C.S.A.

*2 Civil Engineer, U.S. service; assisted in construction of Richmond and Danville Railroad and the Washington aqueduct; officer on the staff of General Jubal A. Early, C.S.A.

*3 University of Virginia; member of Company F, First Virginia Infantry, employed in the capture of John Brown; Major in the same; staff officer to Colonel Cole, at headquarters of General Robert E. Lee. Surrendered at Appomattox. Commander of the Amelia Camp of Confederate Veterans.

*4 University of Virginia; with Volunteer Company of students at Harper’s Ferry at the time of the John Brown raid; Lieutenant on the staff of General Causland, C.S.A.; Captain and Assistant Adjutant General; fell at Cedarville, Virginia, leading a charge against the enemy, November 12, 1864; aged 22 years.

  1. James Seddon Harvie, **5 died unmarried,
  2. Josephine Blair Harvie, died unmarried,
  3. Judith N. Harvie, died unmarried,
  4. Strother Harvie, **6 died unmarried,
  5. Charles Harvie, **7 died unmarried,
  6. Lewis Harvie, died unmarried.
  7. Edwin James Harvie, married Edmonia Meade, daughter of Hodijah Meade of “The Hermitage,” Amelia County, Virginia.


  1. Sarah Blair Harvie,
  2. Jane Rutherfoord Harvie, died unmarried,
  3. Pattie Hardaway Harvie, married Rev. Horace Weeks Jones.


  1. Jennie Harvie Jones, married Halstead Patterson Layton, son of Landreth Lee and Ann Hartung Patterson Layton, of Georgetown, Delaware; brother of Landreth Lee Layton, Jr.


  1. Patricia Meade Layton,
  2. Ann Landreth Layton,
  3. Lawrence Coe Layton.

*5 Cadet, V.M.I., and in the Battle of Newmarket.

*6 Civil engineer.

*7 Civil engineer.

  1. Horace Weeks Jones, died in infancy,
  2. Edwin Harvie Jones. **8
  3. Edmonia Meade Harvie.
  4. John Blair Harvie, married Mary Bell Anderson of “Edgehill,” Montgomery County, Virginia, daughter of George W. and Sarah Kent Anderson.


  1. Charles Irving Harvie, died in infancy,
  2. George Anderson Harvie, **9 died unmarried,
  3. Sarah Blair Harvie,
  4. Lewis Edwin Harvie,
  5. John Skelton Harvie,
  6. Julien Binford Harvie, **10
  7. James Blair Harvie,
  8. Willie Gordon Harvie,
  9. Walter Blair Harvie,
  10. Llewellyn Kent Harvie,
  11. Mary Douglas Anderson Harvie.
  12. Sarah Blair Harvie, married Carter W. Wormeley, son of P. Lightfoot and Lucy Waller Wormeley.


  1. Ralph Harvie Wormeley.
  2. Lewis Edwin Harvie, married Frances Kent, daughter of John B. and Lucy McGavock Kent, of Wythe County, Virginia.

*8 Hampden-Sydney College.

*9 Civil engineer.

*10 1876-1899. He was preparing for the ministry.


  1. Frances Kent Harvie, *11
  2. Lewis Edwin Harvie, died aged four years,
  3. Mary Anderson Harvie,
  4. Lucy McGavock Harvie.
  5. John Skelton Harvie, married Elizabeth Carrington, daughter of Thomas Reid and Elizabeth W. Carrington.


  • (son), died in infancy,
  1. Lewis Edwin Harvie,
  2. John Skelton Harvie, Jr.
  3. Willie Gordon Harvie, married David Rice Creecy, son of David Rice and Pauline Wilkinson Creecy.


  1. David Rice Creecy, Jr., married Anne Irene Walker,
  2. John Harvie Creecy.
  3. Walter Blair Harvie, married Sarah DeJarnette, daughter of Dr. Eugene and Agnes DeJarnette.


  1. Walter Blair Harvie.
  2. Llewellyn Kent Harvie, married Virginia Robinson, daughter of Dr. Malcolm and Margaret Crockett Robinson, of Wythe County, Virginia.


  1. Margaret Crockett Harvie,
  2. Llewellyn Kent Harvie, Jr.,
  3. Malcolm Graham Harvie.
  4. Mary Douglas Anderson Harvie, married Louis E. Weitzel, son of Louis E. and Katherine Weitzel, of England.
  5. Pattie Hardaway Harvie, married Dr. Armistead G. Taylor, **12 son of Dr. Richard Taylor, of Amelia County, Virginia.


  1. Sarah Blair Taylor, died in infancy,
  2. Lewis Harvie Taylor, M.D., **13
  3. William Byrd Taylor,
  4. Pattie Armistead Taylor, died unmarried.
  5. William Old Harvie, married Ann Maria Jefferson.


  1. Margaret Heron Harvie,
  2. Lewis E. Harvie, died unmarried.

*12 Graduate of Washington and Henry Academy, Virginia; medical student at University of Virginia, but resigned to enlist in the Amelia County troops in the War between the States. Second Lieutenant on the staff of General Beverley Robertson, Stuart’s Cavalry. Able physician of Amelia County, Virginia, and, as stated by Dr. Hunter H. McGuire, diagnosed the first case of appendicitis ever recognized in Virginia.

*13 One of the leading surgeons of Washington, D.C.; and present owner of “Dykeland,” Amelia County, Virginia.

  1. Lelia Jefferson Harvie,
  2. William Jefferson Harvie,
  3. W. Gordon Harvie,
  4. Armistead Taylor Harvie,
  5. Otelia G. Harvie.
  6. Margaret Heron Harvie, married John J. Allen.


  • Allen, died in infancy,
  • Allen, died in infancy.
  1. Lelia Jefferson Harvie, married Samuel Jackson Barnett.
  2. William Jefferson Harvie, married Mrs. Julia Lewis DaGruytor Anderson, of Charleston, West Virginia.


  1. Margaret Garland Harvie,
  2. William Lewis Harvie,
  3. Julia Lewis Harvie.
  4. W. Gordon Harvie, married French Patton, daughter of Col. John M. and Lucy Crump Patton.


  1. W. Gordon Harvie, Jr.
  2. Armistead Taylor Harvie, married Alice Lee, daughter of Robert Randolph and Alice W. Lee, of “Windsor Farm,” Powhatan County, Virginia.


  1. Armistead Taylor Harvie, Jr.
  2. Courtney Blair Harvie, married George Keith Taylor, brother of Dr. Armistead G. Taylor.


  1. Richard Taylor, married Mary Green, of Martinsville, Virginia; died without issue.
  2. Rosalie G. Taylor,
  3. Mary Geddes Taylor,
  4. Martha Taylor, married Roane Ruffin, of Petersburg, Virginia.
  5. E. Harvie Taylor, married Willie Sue Powers, daughter of William Julius Powers, of Cumberland County, Virginia.
  6. Courtney Blair Taylor,
  7. George Keith Taylor, married Jennie Hardaway, daughter of Richard Hardaway.


  1. Richard Taylor,
  2. Sally H. Taylor.

John Geddes Blair 1787-1851

Eldest son of Rev. John Durburrow Blair. From an oil portrait in the possession of Mr. Lewis Edwin Harvie.


Branch B of B., John Geddes Blair Line

  1. Mary Elizabeth Blair, fifth child and second daughter of John Geddes and Sarah Ann Eyre Heron Blair, born November 29, 1819; married, 1842, John Brockenbrough Harvie of “Fighting Creek,” Powhatan County, Virginia, son of Edwin James and Martha Hardaway Harvie, and brother of Lewis Edwin Harvie, of “Dykeland.” Died August 12, 1912.


  1. Lewis Edwin Harvie, M.D., of Danville, Virginia,
  2. Sarah Heron Harvie,
  3. James Blair Harvie,
  4. Mary Winston Harvie,
  5. Eliza Meade Harvie, **1 died unmarried,
  6. Martha Old Harvie, **2
  7. Peggy Blair Harvie,
  8. Fanny Eggleston Harvie.
  9. Lewis Edwin Harvie, M.D.; married Martha Rutherfoord, daughter of Samuel and Frances Watson Rutherfoord, of Richmond, Virginia.


  1. Mary Rutherfoord Harvie, married Greenhow Maury.

**1 Member of the Virginia Society of the Colonial Dames of America, and of the Woman’s Club, Richmond.

**2 Member of the Virginia Society of the Colonial Dames of America, and of the Woman’s Club, Richmond.


  1. Lewis Harvie Maury,
  2. Robert Henry Maury, **3 married Anne Maury, his cousin,
  3. Greenhow Maury, Jr.,
  4. Elizabeth Greenhow Maury, married Stonewall Jackson Slaughter.


  1. Greenhow Maury Slaughter.
  2. Mary Blair Maury, married Zack Lanier Whitaker.


  1. Thomas Early Whitaker,
  2. Margaret Rutherfoord Whitaker.
  3. Frances Anderson Harvie, married James Pinckney Williamson, Jr.; died without issue.
  4. John Brockenbrough Harvie, married Erma Stevens.


  1. John Brockenbrough Harvie, Jr.
  2. Martha Old Harvie, married William Ayres Johnston.
  3. Lewis Edwin Harvie,
  4. Sarah Rutherfoord Harvie, married Raymond Hall.


  1. Raymond Hall, Jr.,
  2. Sadie Harvie Hall,
  3. Frances Bickford Hall.

**3 Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy.

  1. Jane Meade Harvie, married Howard Brandon.


  1. Lewis Edwin Harvie Brandon.
  2. Ellen Blair Harvie,
  3. Rutherfoord Harvie,
  4. Edwin James Harvie, married Mary Roane.
  5. Sarah Heron Harvie, married Richard Booker Chaffin, of Amelia County, Virginia.


  1. John Harvie Chaffin,
  2. Mary Blair Chaffin,
  3. Adaline Willson Chaffin,
  4. James Lewis Chaffin,
  5. Martha Harvie Chaffin.
  6. John Harvie Chaffin, married Bertha Agnew Jones,


  1. Richard Booker Chaffin, **4 married Lucile Wells,
  2. Sarah Agnew Chaffin,
  3. John Harvie Chaffin, Jr.
  4. Mary Blair Chaffin, married Z. Taylor Vinson, of Huntington, West Virginia.


  1. Taylor Vinson, Jr., married Betty Jane Nelson,
  2. Blair Vinson, died unmarried.

**4 In U.S. Navy in the World War. For thirteen months in mine-laying at Base 18, North Sea; under sixteen years of age at the time of his enlistment.

  1. Martha Harvie Chaffin, married William Carter Wickham Renshaw; no issue, but has adopted children.
  2. James Blair Harvie, married Mary Lucy Michaux, **5 daughter of William Walthall and Virginia Bernard Michaux, of “Beaumont,” Powhatan County, Virginia.


  1. Virginia Bernard Harvie, married 359 James Edmundson Cannon, son of Henry Gibbon and 355 Margaret Edmundson Blair Cannon, of Richmond, Virginia. (See F., Thomas Rutherfoord Blair Line, page 49.)
  2. James Beverley Harvie, married Margaret B. Chamberlayne.


  1. James Beverley Harvie, Jr.,
  2. Katherine Byrd Harvie.
  3. Mary Blair Harvie, married Charles Marshall Graves,


  1. Mary Michaux Graves,
  2. Virginia Bernard Graves, married Miles Cary.
  3. Sara Heron Harvie, married Harry Randolph Wayt; died without issue.
  4. William Michaux Harvie, died in infancy,
  5. John Brockenbrough Harvie, married Audrey Gerard,

**5 Michaux is one of our early Virginia Huguenot names.

  1. Jacob Michaux Harvie,
  2. Emily Glasgow Harvie.
  3. Mary Winston Harvie, married Wilson Nicholas Ruffin, son of Francis Gildart and Cary Ann Randolph Ruffin.


  1. John Harvie Ruffin, married Laura V. Walters,


  1. Nelson Randolph Ruffin.
  2. Ellen Harvie Ruffin, married James Monroe Featherston,


  1. Ellen Ruffin Featherston, married Franklin Taylor.
  2. Wilson Nicholas Ruffin, Jr., married Pearl Wood,
  3. Francis Gildart Ruffin, died in infancy,
  4. Lewis Rutherfoord Ruffin, died unmarried,
  5. Cary Randolph Ruffin, died unmarried,
  6. William Pickett Ruffin, died unmarried,
  7. Mary Blair Harvie Ruffin.
  8. Peggy Blair Harvie, married John Lancaster Waring,


  1. Adelaide Lancaster Waring, married William Rymond Warman,


  1. Blair Harvie Warman,
  2. Philip Crevelin Warman,
  3. William Rymond Warman, Jr.,
  4. John Waring Warman,
  5. Elizabeth Rymond Warman.
  6. John Brockenbrough Harvie Waring, married Lucille N. Mathews.


  1. John Blair Harvie Waring,
  2. William J. Mathews Waring,
  3. James Chaffin Waring.
  4. Fannie Eggleston Harvie, married Peachy S. Dance; died without issue.

Samuel Jordan Blair 1789-1845

Second son of Rev. John Durburrow Blair. From an oil portrait in the possession of Mrs. James Sutton Blair.


  1. Samuel Jordan Blair, **1 third child and second son of Rev. John Durburrow and Mary Winston Blair, born August 13, 1789; married February 8, 1820, Elizabeth Thilman Trueheart, (b. November 4, 1800; d. August 27, 1874), daughter of Col. William Trueheart, of “Liberty Hall,” Hanover County, Virginia. Died March 11, 1845; buried in Shockoe Hill Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


  1. William Trueheart Blair,
  2. John Blair,
  3. Elizabeth Sydnor Blair,
  4. Mary Winston Blair,
  5. Albert Blair, died unmarried,
  6. Susan Blair.
  7. William Trueheart Blair, **2 born December 15, 1820; married Jane Ronald Mills, daughter of Nicholas Mills, of Richmond, Virginia.


  1. Claudia Blair, married John Osborn Haw.

Samuel Jordan Blair, named for his uncle, Major Samuel Jordan Winston, of “Laurel Grove,” saw active service during the War of 1812. A handsome portrait of Samuel Jordan Blair is in possession of his granddaughter, Mrs. James Sutton Blair.

**2 In active service in the Confederate States Army.


  1. George Wythe Haw.
  2. Nicholas Mills Blair, **3 of “The Hermitage,” Amelia County, Virginia; married Bessie Samuel, daughter of A. S. Samuel, of Bowling Green, Virginia; died without issue.
  3. John Blair, **4 born February 8, 1823; married Cornelia A. Dickerson (b. January 21, 1834; d. June 18, 1907), of Danville, Virginia; died December 17, 1904.


  1. Albert Blair, died in infancy,
  2. Bettie Baskerville Blair,
  3. Mary Mayo Blair,
  4. Cornelia Blair, died in childhood.
  5. Bettie Baskerville Blair, married William Constable.


  1. Cornelia Blair Constable, married William Reed Martin, M.D.,


  1. Mary Reed Martin.
  2. Mary Mayo Blair, married, 1st, James Henry Fitts, **5; 2nd, Samuel Horace Hawes, **6 of Richmond, Virginia (his second wife).

**3 “Mills” Blair and his wife lived to celebrate their golden wedding.

**4 in the home service of the Confederate States Army.


By James Henry Fitts:

  1. John Blair Fitts, **7
  2. Francis Moylan Fitts. **8

By Samuel Horace Hawes:

  • Hawes, died in early infancy.
  1. John Blair Fitts, M.D., of Richmond, Virginia; married Marion E. Mantius.


  1. Marietta Fitts,
  2. John Blair Fitts, Jr.,
  3. Ruth Morton Fitts,
  4. James Henry Fitts.

**5 James Henry Fitts, graduate of the University of the South, at Sewanee; graduate of United States Naval Academy, Annapolis; Professor at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, at Blacksburg, Virginia. The early death of this brilliant young man was a source of deepest regret to his family connection.

**6 Samuel Horace Hawes, loved in Richmond, Virginia, for his honorable character and abundant generosity. He was a revered Elder for many years in the Second Presbyterian Church, Richmond. Mrs. Mary Mayo Blair Hawes is a member of the Virginia Society of the Colonial Dames of America.

**7 Hampden-Sydney College; Medical College of Virginia; entered the World War as First Lieutenant, Medical Corps. Orthopaedic Surgeon, Richmond, Virginia.

**8 Hampden-Sydney College; Medical College of Virginia; entered the World War as First Lieutenant, Medical Corps; after the World War, Major in U.S. Army, Medical Department.

  1. Francis Moylan Fitts, M.D.; married Jeannette Crousser.
  2. Elizabeth Sydnor Blair, born February 10, 1826; married Joel Brown Watkins **9; died May 29, 1905.


  1. Elizabeth Blair Watkins, died young,
  2. Virginia Walthall Watkins, died young,
  3. Mary Courtenay Watkins, **10
  4. Fanny Watkins, died young,
  5. Minnie Stewart Watkins, died young,
  6. Leena Custis Watkins.
  7. Mary Courtenay Watkins; married Frank Taliaferro, M.D.


  1. Elizabeth Blair Taliaferro,
  2. Mary Hamilton Taliaferro,


  1. Elizabeth Blair Taliaferro, married Stanton Clarke.


  1. Mary Margaret Clarke,
  2. Patricia Clarke,
  3. Stanton Clarke, Jr.,
  4. Thomas Taliaferro Clarke.

**9 Captain and Aide-de-Camp on the staff of General G. W. C. Lee in the Confederate States Army.

**10 Graduate of Woman’s College, Richmond, Virginia.

  1. Leena Custis Watkins, **11 married, 1st, Edward Payson Hall, **12; 2nd, James Sutton Blair. **13


By Edward Payson Hall:

  1. Custis Lee Hall, M.D., **14 married Mary Bland Golden,


  1. Custis Lee Hall, Jr.,
  2. Mary Josephine Hall,
  3. Elizabeth Stocker Hall,
  4. Ann Preston Hall.
  5. Elsie Margaret Hall, married Clement Turman Haynsworth.


  1. Clement Turman Haynsworth, Jr.,
  2. Custis Hall Haynsworth,
  3. Elizabeth Blair Haynsworth,
  4. Henry John Haynsworth.

**11 Graduate Woman’s College, Richmond, Virginia. Member of the District of Columbia Society of the Colonial Dames of America.

**12 University of Maryland; for many years served on U.S. Board of Pensions Appeals.

**13 Princeton University; banker of Indiana, Pennsylvania; a descendant of Rev. Robert Blair of St. Andrews, Scotland. (See page 132.)

**14 Custis Lee Hall (George Washington University) entered the World War as First Lieutenant of the Medical Corps; mustered out after two years and four months service, with the rank of Major; now Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, George Washington University.

  1. Mary Winston Blair, married George K. Crutchfield; no issue.
  2. Albert Blair, **15 born 1830, son of Samuel Jordan Blair and Elizabeth Thilman Trueheart Blair. Died unmarried.
  3. Susan Blair, born 1837; married Edward M. Antrim, of Charlottesville, Virginia; died 1913.


  1. Albert Blair Antrim,
  2. Edward Monroe Antrim,
  3. Elizabeth Winston Antrim,
  4. Margaret Gertrude Antrim,
  5. Walter Morris Antrim,
  6. John Antrim.
  7. Albert Blair Antrim, married, 1st, Susie Massie; 2nd, Adrian Davant.


By Susie Massie Antrim:

  1. Edward Massie Antrim, married Corinne Lobb.


  1. Priscilla Massie Antrim.
  2. Charles Baker Antrim, died in childhood,
  3. Albert Blair Antrim, Jr., married Lucille Dennison.

**15 In the Home Service of the Confederate States Army.


By Adrian Davant Antrim:

  1. Thomas Davant Antrim, died in infancy.
  2. Elizabeth Winston Antrim, married James Adair Lyon, **16


  1. Margaret Blair Lyon, **17 married Parks Brinkley Pedrick.


  1. Adair Lyon Pedrick,
  2. Parks Brinkley Pedrick, Jr.
  3. Elizabeth Blair Lyon, **18
  4. Margaret Gertrude Antrim, **19 married William Jackson Humphreys. **20
  5. Walter Morris Antrim, married Katharine Patton.
  6. John Antrim, married Lillian Savage.


  1. Elizabeth Baker Antrim,
  2. John Antrim, Jr.

**16 University of Virginia.

**17 Sophie Newcomb College.

**18 Sophie Newcomb College.

**19 of Washington, D.C.

**20 Of the Weather Bureau, Washington, D.C.; Ph.D. of the University of Virginia and of Johns Hopkins University.


  1. James Blair, **4 M.D., fourth child and third son of Rev. John Durburrow and Mary Winston Blair, born October 16, 1792; married Jane Isabella Lesslie, **2 daughter of John **3 and Ann Withers Lesslie, of Richmond and “Summer Hill,” James River, Chesterfield County, Virginia; died October 5, 1835; buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


Hugh Blair, **4 born September 28, 1824; married Mary Gordon, daughter of John Newton and Louisiana Coleman Gordon; died August did, and put them in the two iron safes. 

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