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The letter from L.D. Green to his brother, dated February 8, 1864, is an update on his current situation. L.D. mentions that he has received his brother’s letter and is doing well. He informs his brother that Marvin has not sent any money to William Sherwood and that he and Marvin may come home on a furlow by the end of the month or the beginning of next. L.D. also mentions that it is quite cold and that there was thunder the previous night. He mentions that seven rebels recently came into Warrenton and that half of Lee’s army is in bad shape. L.D. expresses gratitude to Rosalinda for sending them tea and reports that they had a simple meal of bean soup, hard tack, and tea for dinner. He also inquires about the new horse his brother acquired and the whereabouts of other family members, such as Clark Green. The letter ends with a request for his brother to write back soon

Letter Transcript


Warrenton, VA. Dear brother I received your kind and welcome letter and it found me well and I hope this will find you the same you wanted to know if Marvin sent his money to William Sherwood he has not sent any to him and I think he will not you wrote in your last letter that Orville was home I think that we will come home the last of this month or the first of next. We have spoke for furlow and they say that we shall have one their is 3 more to go before us if we get our pay we shall come for 10 days It is rather cold to day we had Thunder last knight and it is not so plesant. To a day there was 7 Rebs come in last knight they say that half of Lees Armey has got their feet raped up in Rags. they come in here to Warrenton Tell Rosalinda that I am mutch pleased with the tea that she sent It made all that 4 of us could drink Marvin and my self Lumas Hall, David Carey. we had bean soup hard tack and tea for dinner you say you lost the old black horse and got a new one I want you to write and tell me who you got the horses of. And tell me where Clark Green lives and all the rest of the folks. no more this time. Write Soon This from your brother L. D. Green to John S. Green write soon To John S. Green from L. D. Green Hallsport Allegany Co. N.Y.

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