Family Group: Green Family of New England

Garland Herbert Green Sr.

Garland Herbert Green Sr. Born: 1942-10-22 Died: 2017-11-26 Father: Garland Milton GreenMother: Velva Mae Brevig Children: noneSiblings: none  Place of Birth 22 October 1942 Eau […]

Velva Mae Brevig

Velva Mae Brevig Born: 1924-01-26 Died: 2003-09-08 Father: UnspecifiedMother: UnspecifiedSpouse: Garland Milton Green Children: Garland Herbert Green Sr.Siblings: nonePlace of Birth: Anoka, Minnesota, United States […]

Clara Helen Brown

Clara Helen Brown Born: 1894-10-21 Died: 1975-01-03 Father: UnspecifiedMother: UnspecifiedSpouse: Herbert Levi Green Children: Garland Milton GreenSiblings: nonePlace of Birth: Waterville, Wisconsin Place of Death: […]

Herbert Levi Green

Herbert Levi Green Born: 1891-10-08 Died: 1961-04-01 Father: UnspecifiedMother: Sarah Catherine WycoffSpouse: Clara Helen Brown Children: Garland Milton GreenSiblings: nonePlace of Birth: Altoona, Eau Claire […]

Sarah Catherine Wycoff

Sarah Catherine Wycoff Born: 1865-11-27 Died: 141-08-14 Father: UnspecifiedMother: UnspecifiedSpouse: Lorenzo Erastus Green Children: Herbert Levi GreenSiblings: nonePlace of Birth: Columbus, Cuyahoga Co, OH Place […]

Huldah Anne Harlow

Huldah Anne Harlow Born: 1849-08-12 Died: 1871-08-13 Father: UnspecifiedMother: UnspecifiedSpouse: John Stearns Jenison Green Children: noneSiblings: nonePlace of Birth: New York, United States Place of […]

Levi Davis Green

Levi Davis Green Born: 1842-01-05 Died: 1864-10-13 Father: William Erastus GreenMother: Zilpha Ann Wheeler Children: noneSiblings: John Stearns Jenison Green, Marvin Wheeler GreenPlace Birth: Allegany […]

Elvira Lodisa Sharp

Elvira Lodisa Sharp Born: 1853-07-03 Died: 1832-08-03 Father: UnspecifiedMother: UnspecifiedSpouse: Marvin Wheeler Green Children: noneSiblings: nonePlace of Birth 3 Jul 1853 Wisconsin, USA Death 3 […]